Haddiscoe Gravel Extraction

URGENT – We are letting residents know that there is a proposed gravel extraction site that would be located in the middle of Haddiscoe planned for Summer 2023. This proposed site now has a full application lodged with NCC – see link –http://eplanning.norfolk.gov.uk/Pla…/Display/FUL/2022/0056.
Haddiscoe villagers’ have themselves established an association called “Stopit2” to petition against any mineral extraction or landfill in Haddiscoe and surrounding areas and they are canvassing support of our parish council and ‘you’ in objecting to this specific application.
However, time is running out and objections need to be posted asap, using the link above, by no later than 4th February 2023.
Given the limited time, we strongly urge residents to complete the “Comment on the Application”, at the top of the linked page (Green Tab) citing your reasons for concern including but not exclusive:
Traffic – HGV movements, speeding, threat of accidents, danger to children, single carriageway, weight of HGV’s, noise, and pollution.
The following are some headlines of what we have objected to re this application.
Vicinity – 55 Properties are within 250m, on the Northwest boundary of our village. Lack of appropriate year round screening making it highly visible, as well as creating a nuisance with noise and dust.
Haddiscoe church is only 200m away and forms part of a cluster of churches with views from their church towers. This as well as the graveyard and War Memorial will suffer from the same nuisances and disturbances.
The Norfolk Broads borders the development plan to the east and will be similarly affected.
Nuisance – The impact on village life will be enormous from both a ‘day to day’ and leisure perspective. Residents live here and have moved here for peace and tranquillity.
Loss of farmland through conversion to gravel extraction
Light pollution from works, especially in winter
Noise – Traffic, mining, diggers. Can you imagine living next door!
Dust and Wind – Potentially lethal dust blowing across the village and damage to health (silicosis). Damage to property (including drains and cars)
Health – Physical, i.e. breathing problems, as well as mental health and wellbeing
Impact on Wildlife – Animals, birdlife, bats, newts, etc. We are awaiting further reports.
Impact on environment – Ecology, trees, soil, etc
Heritage – Archaeological, history – see the reports, findings from Roman, Saxon and Medieval times, that require further investigation
Traffic – HGV movements, threat of accidents, danger to children, single carriageway, weight of HGV’s, noise, pollution
Amenities – Dog walking, horse riding, rambling, public rights of way crossing the proposed development area.
Carbon Footprint – Extraction releases greenhouse gasses. Mining is a major cause of global warming.
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