Our Composting Scheme was opened formally by Sir Nicholas Bacon on 20th April 2015. We had started to collect prior to this and as of the date of this note we have around 1.8 tonnes of garden waste in our bins. This has saved numerous trips to one or other of the waste collection sites and of course lots of CO2 as well. It has also provided some enjoyable mornings on site for our volunteers.

We welcome requests to join the Scheme from residents in Hales and Heckingham and our collections cover the main roads in the villages reaching east to Heckingham Park Drive; to the north, to the end of the main housing in both Briar Lane and School Lane. Then the A146 forms our south and west boundaries.

If you are yet to join or just want information please see the contact details below.

Collections take place around every two weeks but are kept under regular review to match demand from our membership. Members are given plastic sacks to put waste into so if you see bright yellow sacks beside some houses, these will be awaiting our collection.

We are the 5th scheme to be formed in South Norfolk and we have learnt from our predecessors when developing our own. We will collect all garden waste (please note, no kitchen waste at all) and also ‘brush’ up to a maximum of 1 inch (25mm) in diameter. We also need shredded paper to help balance and speed up the composting process.

Our success will be dictated by the numbers both of members and also volunteers.Without the latter we just cannot operate and we are very pleased to have a number of volunteers to call on to help with the processing of collected waste. We supply all necessary safety equipment.

Come and join us.

You can contact Alan Mason for more information on 01508 548983

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