Composting – new arrangements

Our Community Compost Scheme is looking for new members.

After 5 successful years we were concerned that our ability to continue into 2020 may be held back by our dwindling number of volunteers….. and then COVID-19 struck.

Historically the scheme has worked on the basis that our volunteers collect your garden waste. This in part was to enable us to be reasonably certain that we knew were waste had come from in the event of any problems. However, it was demanding on manpower which in turn has become a major drawback for the Scheme. The lockdown has forced us to look at how we can run our Scheme in the future and after a successful trial of socially distanced and revised collection procedures we feel confident that we can move forward. By adopting these new procedures it means that we can invite new members to join the Scheme.

This will be on the following basis. You must bring your waste to our site at a pre allocated time, unload your waste and let us record the weight before you empty your sacks into the bins and then leave. Sacks will be provided to you. It would be very nice if you could also lend a hand on the odd maintenance session but this is no longer a condition of joining the scheme.

As a start we will accept up to 15 new members and depending how this works we may look to expand further. Future ‘collection’ dates will be Saturday’s, initially fortnightly but depending on demand we may be able to move to every Saturday.

If you are interested please contact with Alan Mason on: or 07738 933316.


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